Marlise Elizabeth Kast

As an author and journalist, Marlise Elizabeth Kast, has had a lifelong commitment to writing. At the age of 21, Marlise became the youngest celebrity reporter to enter the tabloid world. As one of the industry’s most prolific celebrity journalists, she produced over 200 published articles for Globe and Star magazines in a three-year period.


Those experiences are chronicled in her memoir, Tabloid Prodigy. Since the book’s release, Marlise has been featured in thirty publications, on sixty radio stations and on twelve television shows including CNN, FOX News, CBN, CNBC, The O’Reilly Factor, The Insider and Entertainment Tonight.

After leaving the tabloids, Marlise traveled internationally as a freelance journalist. Her insatiable hunger for cultures outside her own has taken her to 60 countries as well as short-term residency in Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Spain and Costa Rica. A regular contributor to sports, travel and business publications, her articles have appeared in over 50 magazines including Surfer, Snowboard Journal, San Diego Magazine and Forbes. She has also served as a ghostwriter on several projects, including a Spanish language manual and a sports book to be released by Mansion Grove House.

Following the release of her memoir Tabloid Prodigy, Marlise co-authored seven titles for Random House which include Fodor’s 2009 Guide to the Yucatan Peninsula, 2009 Guide to San Diego, 2009 Cancun In Focus, and most recently the 2010 Guide to Mexico. She has also written Day & Overnight Hikes on California’s Pacific Crest Trail, to be published by Wilderness Press in late 2009.

Marlise recently completed a 13 month surfing and snowboarding expedition through 28 countries. Now based in San Diego, Marlise is currently working on her next full length manuscript.

Check out Marlise’s site:


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