Espree Devora

Espree, founder of and co-founder of the WIAS networking group will be part of the panel at our kick off event. We asked her just a few questions to better know what drove her to start her own biz.

meet-up-pro-picAge: Recently 30 😉

Where do you reside? Santa Monica

Number of years involved in Action sports and how you were involved: 1989 When I met Tony Hawk at a Gleaming the Cube Premiere I became a fan. Then when I went snowboarding for the first time at 15 and every moto event I attended with my father I was sold on the industry.

How long have you been working in AS and what are your past experiences? Since 2003 – Its interesting how many women open doors and create opportunity in the industry that is run by men.
What made you want to work within the AS industry? The culture.

When did you start your company/organization? 2003 I conceived the idea (pre MySpace)

What would you say your motto is when it comes to business? Be true to yourself and grateful to all those around you.

Greatest accomplishment in life/business: Business – Raising money and creating opportunity for my team. Life – Finding what balance means to me.

Please tell us something interesting about yourself? I attended 10 colleges switching every few months.

Visit Espree’s website:


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