On the Run…

Just got back from a run….since this is my first time joining the blog epidemic, you are all unaware that I RUN. Has its ups and downs, as life does in general, but I getting away from my point.
I saw some pretty disturbing things this beautiful afternoon. One: a 10-year old with a cigarette on a skateboard. Is this what the action sport industry, I’ve come to learn is as popular as the next episode of American Idol, promotes? Is it more of a party than a sport? Now, I do realize that this, I kid you not, he was 10, probably didn’t jank his Marlboro because he saw Tony Hawk light-up, but shouldn’t this powerful world of those who don’t go anywhere without their board do something to prevent our future leaders from conforming to raveish tendencies. We all know are abundant in this City of Angels.

First, our youth need as much help as they can get in this age of single parenthood and the working women. Just an F.Y.I, I don’t have kids, I’m not pregnant, I’m not a party pooper and I’m only 26. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that we all need to come together to better society in general.
I am proud to have come into contact with some women within this industry who have also realized this. Women are passionate, open-minded and willing to fight to get to where they want to be. So let’s all join the party and start fighting.

Check out Holly Lyons website. I look forward to hopefully meeting her one day, shaking her hand and picking her brain. We could all learn a little something from her. She has used her skills to help reach out to girls in a positive way, showing them the benefits of using skateboarding as a lifestyle promoting health, team work and motivation.



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