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Kick4Humanity is just days away!

The 2011 Kick4Humanity is just days away. Come check out all the teams on May 21st at San Juan Capistrano Sports Park. We are excited for this years event and stoked to have an amazing group of sponsors.



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2011 Kick4Humanity


We are stoked to announce the 2nd Annual Kick4Humanity Soccer Tournament, which is only 2 months away, will be held in San Juan Capistrano on May 21st, 2011! This event will bring the surfing indusrty together to raise money for SurfAid, while having fun. 4 teams have already signed on for this year’s event!

Manhattan Beach, Ca – (March, 2011)
– We’re back…The 2nd Annual Kick4Humanity soccer tournament will be held at San Juan Capistrano Sports Complex on Saturday, May 21, 2011. This charity event brings the surf industry together to battle it out on the soccer field in support of a great cause – SurfAid International. It’s an awesome opportunity for people from the surf industry to get together, spend a fun day in the sun and raise much needed funds for SurfAid International.

Last year’s tournament featured teams such as RVCA, Jedidiah, Endemic, Volcom, Firewire Surfboards, SurfShot, SURFER Magazine, Transworld Business, So Cal SK8 & Surf and Laguna Surf & Sport, & Primo.

“We are excited to have the support of the surf community at our Kick4Humanity event again in 2011. Each team represents supporters who are essential to achieving our humanitarian work in the Mentawai Islands.” – Randal Schober, Executive Director, SurfAid International USA.

“As part of our annual community program we wanted surf companies to involve their employees in a worthy cause, while having fun. We wanted to put on an event that raised funds and awareness for SurfAid International in a fun way. We are very excited for this year’s tournament!” – Monica Staniec, VP of Marketing, iMa

We want to give a special thanks to the supporters and sponsors that have come on board already for this year: H2O Audio, Toms Shoes, PopChips, Barefoot Wines,, Sex Wax, Function Drinks and La Casa Del Camino Hotel.

Kick4Humanity will sell out, so don’t miss you chance to participate, sponsor, donate or volunteer. Learn more at and register here!

action shot


Padang Earthquake Relief

Please Support the People of Indonesia Affected by the Earthquake by Making a Donation to SurfAid International


SurfAid has launched an Emergency Response Appeal to help the people of Padang who were hit by a huge earthquake (7.6 on the Richter scale) on Wednesday 30 September.

Program Director, Dr David Lange, narrowly escaped death as he fled the Ambacang Hotel, which then collapsed, killing many and trapping others.

Any donations you can make are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
SurfAid Situation Report from Padang:
Surfaids MattSurfAid’s Matt Hannon, who is normally based at Katiet village in the Mentawai Islands, assists with distributing emergency items to residents of Padang’s Chinatown, which was one of the most damaged areas of the city.

In the days since Thursday 1 October, the morning after the first big earthquake near Padang, SurfAid has partnered with a church volunteer group (World Harvest IFGF) to provide any possible help for survivors in Chinatown, one of Padang’s worst hit areas.

SurfAid has contributed medical supplies such as first aid kits, dehydration solutions, sutures, minor surgery kits and bandages, along with the distribution of clothes and tents from the IFGF to all poskos (coordination posts) in Chinatown and other areas with similar needs.

SurfAid is going to set up a trauma clinic with IFGF and assessment is taking place at the moment for the best, safe locations.

SurfAid target areas are: District of West Pasaman and Agam, and trauma clinics in Padang.

Padang Update from SurfAid Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Judge:

The government reports that 21,400 buildings are damaged or beyond repair. Many people are homeless or too scared to return to their homes due to fear of further earthquakes and a possible tsunami, so they are living outside in temporary shelters they have erected.

Surfaid needs urgent funds to buy medical supplies, tents, tarpaulins, water and food.

SurfAid’s Padang office survived the earthquakes and have now re-established Internet and phones.

– is helping a local clinic by looking for medical supplies for them and a hospital
– has been assigned by the UN to assess coastal areas to the north, which were heavily smashed.
– has full responsibility for the Mentawai and Telos islands (Tom Plummer’s latest update on the Mentawai is below)
– will work with Mercy Corps in mainland Sumatra.

SurfAid Mentawai Program Manager Tom Plummer Reports:

Mentawai: Damage reported in three subdistricts on the islands of Siberut and Sipora include: three severely damaged houses; 106 moderately damaged. In terms of infrastructure: nine offices, six schools, two mosques, four churches and three bridges have all been classified as heavily damaged. SurfAid indicates significant impact of psychological trauma for residents who have no source of reliable information. Most of Mentawai islands do not have access to mobile phones, radio or television.
The Vice Bupati (Regent) and a local government delegation were heading to Padang on the morning of Monday 5 October to meet with the Governor.

Rapid Assessment on West Sumatra Earthquake from Agam and West Pasaman Regency

On October 4-5, 2009, three teams from SurfAid International did Rapid Assessment in two regencys, Agam and West Pasaman, West Sumatra, using the form from UNOCHA (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) Indonesia.

Two three-person teams went to West Pasaman and one team to Agam. The people interviewed were the local stakeholders – a female teacher, head of IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camps, a village leader and health staff.

1. The worst affected subdistricts in West Pasaman regency are:
a. Subdistrict of Kinali
b. Subdistrict of Luhak Nan Duo
c. Subdistrict of Sasak Ranah Pesisir

2. Agam regency
a. Subdistrict of Lubuk Basung
b. Subdistrict of Tanjung Raya
c. Subdistrict of Tanjung Mutiara
d. Subdistrict of Empat Nagari

There are eight out of 21 Ayam regency subdistricts which were badly hit by the earthquake, but the other four subdistricts are being handled by another NGO (IOM).

About 60-90 per cent of houses are damaged to the extent of being uninhabitable or dangerous, while the damage to public facilities (mosque, school, health centre, market) is about 20 – 50 per cent.

The communities have already received donations from the government and some NGOs but only in small amounts.

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Learn to use Social Media to enhance your exposure!

Hey Everybody!! On June 8th one of the founders of WIAS, Espree Devora of Zex Sports, will be giving a class on developing Social Media skills at Blank Spaces located in West Hollywood.

Learn all about the functions and how to utilize certain social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, You Tube, and Current TV.

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Holly Lyons

This girl kicks ass. Period.

Holly has been involved in the action sports industry since ’93. She BS airwas first a pro snowboarder in the 90’s and then moved to Encinitas in 2002 to skate. She’s had her own signature shoe and pro model skateboard.  Her talent also led her to become the World Cup Women’s Champion in ’06.

She’s been involved in the industry in many ways as a pro athlete. Holly has worked as a skateboard stunt double on many TV shows, including Disney’s “Hannah Montana” and “That’s So Raven”. She was an MTV MADE coach, featured on USA’S Character Road Trip and has also been a co-host on a TV Show called “The Cage” and many episode of “GKA” for Fuel TV.

Holly_PoolIn 2006, Holly started Sk8Grl as a labor of love and a way of giving back to skateboarding and women in action sports. “If you have a dream than you have to follow it.  What else is the point of life but to live it?” Holly says. Sk8Grl is the premiere clothing company for girls who love skateboarding.

As a very inspirational woman, Holly is actively involved in the community and full of energy. She also loves metaphysics and learning to tap into higher realms of her self and consciousness.

Check Holly’s sites: