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IASC Skateboarding Summit 2010

I attended the 3rd Annual IASC Skateboarding Industry Summit 2010 at Woodward West in Tehachapi, Calif. There were about 100 people from the skateboard industry there, and the focus was on skateboarding’s global theme and the current state of the industry. Oh yeah and I almost forgot…having a good time.

Over the 3 days, The IASC discussions were great and the theme stayed consistent…Skateboarding needs to stay in hands of the people who are passionate about it. The industry needs to work together to make sure the soul, spirit and culture of skateboarding is never forgotten.

George Powell, CEO of Skate One Corp,. reiterated this point and how important it is for us as an industry to work together to keep pushing skateboarding in a positive direction.

Another take away from the conference was the panel discussion with the retailers, who spoke about the issues that they face in this current economy. It’s important for the brands to engage themselves when promotions are happening and consistency is key.

Overall, it was evident in most if not in all of the discussions…the industry needs to work together to keep skateboarding in the hands of the right people to keep the authenticity of the culture intact.

Good times were had by all and I was able to show off my killer bowling skillz (124). BTW have you ever heard of a hot shot? Well, I think Josh from Malakye said it best after having one…”Once it touches the lips, it’s so good”.

About IASC:
The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), http://www.skateboardiasc.org, is a nonprofit organization that represents the United Voice of the skateboard industry. Driven by skate industry leaders, IASC goals include; Promoting skateboarding, Increasing participation, Education, and Saving members money.



Holly Lyons

This girl kicks ass. Period.

Holly has been involved in the action sports industry since ’93. She BS airwas first a pro snowboarder in the 90’s and then moved to Encinitas in 2002 to skate. She’s had her own signature shoe and pro model skateboard.  Her talent also led her to become the World Cup Women’s Champion in ’06.

She’s been involved in the industry in many ways as a pro athlete. Holly has worked as a skateboard stunt double on many TV shows, including Disney’s “Hannah Montana” and “That’s So Raven”. She was an MTV MADE coach, featured on USA’S Character Road Trip and has also been a co-host on a TV Show called “The Cage” and many episode of “GKA” for Fuel TV.

Holly_PoolIn 2006, Holly started Sk8Grl as a labor of love and a way of giving back to skateboarding and women in action sports. “If you have a dream than you have to follow it.  What else is the point of life but to live it?” Holly says. Sk8Grl is the premiere clothing company for girls who love skateboarding.

As a very inspirational woman, Holly is actively involved in the community and full of energy. She also loves metaphysics and learning to tap into higher realms of her self and consciousness.

Check Holly’s sites: